3 Sweet Rigs By Steve Melander, Page 2

3 Sweet Rigs	
By Steve Melander, Page 2


Tournament Kayak Bass Anglers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

We had a lot of conversations regarding how to camp with two kayaks, all our gear, our family, and a way to get the kayaks to the launch without having to semi-break down camp every morning.

The simplest solution would be to buy a toy hauler and call it good. However, that would mean replacing our current SUV with a truck that had a greater towing capacity and purchasing a toy hauler.

Fishing is expensive enough, so we began to look for camper solutions that would work with our current vehicle.

During our search we stumbled across the Fleetwood/ Coleman Evolution series of pop-up campers. These campers are designed to be taken off road, have full size tires and have a front deck created to hold a small ATV. The interior has a small kitchen, two beds, a bathroom with shower, and small dining area. With a weight well under 3,000 pounds. We knew we had to give it a shot.

We have developed a solid system to get both kayaks (each weighing well over 100-pounds) on top of the camper as easily as possible and strapping them to the sides and front of the camper for stability.

The front deck carries firewood, camping chairs, the generator, kayak carts, crate, and wheels leaving plenty of room in the car for a comfortable ride to the site. I am still amazed every time we go camping and how much gear we are able to bring with us.


Spring 2021