3 Sweet Rigs By Steve Melander

3 Sweet Rigs	
By Steve Melander




Spring 2021

By Steve Melander

Spring is upon us and there is no better time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. It is time for anglers to load up their kayaks and camping gear and

head to the lakes. We caught up with three hardcore anglers who were happy

to share their sweet setups

in their own words…

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Tournament Kayak Bass Angler and Saltwater Enthusiast

Shortly after arriving in California, and having several kayak tournaments under my belt, I had met several good friends who like to camp and fish throughout the weekends.

I was invited to camp/fish Rollins Lake and thought I was prepared for the event. Throughout the weekend, my ground tent was harassed by a gaggle of geese. Pecking and poking the sides of the tent, resulting in a couple of sleepless nights.

Upon my return home, I started researching a better sleeping option. I already had a 2017 Toyota Tacoma and started looking at an Expedition (overland) option to get off the ground.

Having decided on the type of tent I wanted, I drove to Santa Cruz to visit the Tepui Tent Factory. I left the perfect solution for future camping/fishing trips. I mounted the tent on a RCI sport rack and was now set for my new adventures. One benefit of this raised sport rack leaves the bed of the truck free for all the camping/fishing necessities.

I would arrive at the campsite, unload a few items from the back of the truck and I was set for the weekend. The tent itself only takes a few minutes to unpack, open and make a couple of final adjustments. The tent is a four- season model, so whether it is 30 or 80 degrees, it is comfortable throughout the year.

During the warmer months, you can remove the rain fly and open two large moon-roofs in the ceiling. With windows on all four sides, there is plenty of ventilation.

Packing up is just as easy; zip up everything, fold it, close, and secure the protective covering. It rides a little below the roof of the cab, preventing wind noise and not affecting gas mileage much. So, if you are looking for a simple camping solution, consider a roof-mounted tent. You will never go back to ground camping again.