3 Sweet Rigs By Steve Melander, Page 3

3 Sweet Rigs	
By Steve Melander, Page 3


Spring 2021

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Kayak Bass Tournament Angler

The main reason I set up my rig is for camping during tournaments. Camping and kayak tournaments go hand in hand, everybody likes to hang out.

I wanted something that could carry multiple kayaks and everything I need for multi day camping. The trailer allows me to pack up everything I could need for a long weekend like coolers, BBQ, extra tents for friends and assorted camping equipment.

I had purchased a Jeep because I wanted something enclosed, 4WD and something I could run trails in. I didn’t want to add a rack on my Jeep or have to rooftop my kayaks. I went with the trailer, so I could have an easy hook up and disconnect.

When I get home, I just back up my trailer, secure it and unload. I like the rooftop tent because it gets me off the ground away from animals.

The other benefit of the trailer is it doubles as a cargo carrier, with the Jeep I don’t have a truck bed to carry wood or other items. The trailer can pull double duty which is very helpful. •