Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 17

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 17

Poppin’ Phatty

Snag Proof

frog. What

is different


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actions and two sizes. There is a silent runner and a one-knocker. Biggie Papa is the bigger one and Biggie Smalls is the smaller one.




on it. This

forces it to

cup and spray


on the top of a mat. It

gets a hold and displaces the water on top of the mat. There aren’t frogs out there, that can do this. You’ve got to see it in action to see how much water it can grab. It chugs like a Rico.

What else have you been working on?

TwothingswithRiver2Sea. Iwantedaspinnerbait with a hook that was less noticeable. I also wanted to find a blade that was really thin and light-weight, the flexibility will make for more cupping, vibration, spin and movealotofwater. We’vecomeupwithBling. It’salso really durable to come through the cover and stay looking good. There are no other blades out there like this.

We also just finished putting together a line of Biggie series squarebill crankbaits. There will be two

River2Sea Biggie

What’s new on the boat?

For electronics, I will be running the new HDS Gen2 by Lowrance. These are so quick. I can’t even describe the difference in page-loading speed. There is no wait time anymore. This is super fast and the coolest part is that you can overlay your Structure Scan over your mapping now. It gives you a whole new level of insight into what you’re looking at and like I said, there is no pause at all. This year I’m running four screens; that’s new for me. The Sonic Hub, Sirius Weather and Navionics chips aren’t new to me; but

they are to a lot of people so

if someone hasn’t seen them

they should really check them

out. I will give a quick demo.

Something else that

I’m going for this year is the

Lithium Ion Smart Battery.

ISSUE 1  February 2012

Li-Ion Smart Battery