Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 18

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 18


They’re lighter at only 28-lbs. I’ve got my speed up

The Classic at the Red River- What’s the plan at

by 3-mph running this set-up.

this point?

I am hopin’ and prayin’ for warm weather. I want

What about the Hydro Wave? I saw it on the

to fish the new frog there and I had Bling made in

boat, have you tried it, yet?

Lemonade Twist especially for here. Of course, I will

Yes, I’ve got that too. I have tried it and it gets

be flippin’ the D Bomb.

the fish fired up. Imagine being in an area and there is

nothing there and then turning it on and you can see

What else do you have planned for the

the baitfish flickering across the water. It does that.

schedule, that you can talk about?

Well, you know at St. John’s it is going

Anything new with flippin’?

be all about site fishing and I have

Well, you know I’ve been using the River2Sea Trash

Missile Baits D Bomb

some special, hand-poured white

plastics that I’m going to use

Bomb weight for flippin’,

and the D Bomb and Twin

now I’m adding D Bomb

Turbo will come into play

plastic by Missile Baits.


That is a new plastic line

At Douglas, probably

by John Crews. Missile

shallow crankin’ and

has some good stuff

Toledo Bend my frogs,

like the Twin Turbo

frogs and frogs-the Phat

which is the new trailer I

Frog in Papa Midnight

will be using because of

and Da Man and the

all the action.

new Poppin’ Phatty. In

Mississippi the frogs again

Gotta ask - What

and flippin’ and pitchin’,

about the Alabama style rig

maybe some crankin’ too.


Oneida will probably be close to

You know, that is not banning

what I won it on last year-frogs and

a lure, it is banning a technique that was


already banned. I was prepared to use it if it was a

go and I will use it in the FLW. I’ve got Bub’s Donkey

What about the Mystery Lake - any hunches?

Thrasher by Paycheck Baits and Jerry Rago’s Bait Ball.

Well, let me just say I have a hunch that it may be

a drop shot.

Anything else new for you this season?

I’m wearing Simms gear because they’ve got

How about Bull Shoals- you looking for debris

everything to keep you looking good and feeling

pockets like Dee?

comfortable. A lot of people think they’re just foul

I’m thinking it will be different. Dee fished it at

weather clothing; but I will be wearing their board

a different time of year. Dee was after post spawn

shorts and flip-flops through the summer.

fish. I think this will be a sight fishing tournament

I will be starting out at the Classic with the Daiwa

and I think that is where I will be throwin’ a Jerry

Ballistic Series rods. I will be fishing Bling on the 7’2”,

Rago BV 3D.

medium heavy cranking rod and all my topwater on

the 7’7”, medium cranking rod.

Daiwa Ballistic Series rods