Reflections from Life on the Road with Tyler Brinks, Page 2

Reflections from Life on the Road with Tyler Brinks, Page 2

from fishing and living on ® the road for a year

Winter 2022

It’s an added fuel expense, but having two vehicles offers flexibility if I’m working or on the lake alone and she wants to explore the area.

We realize that we’re fortunate to make this happen but find similar stories across the country as we meet with fellow traveling families who homeschool their children and work remotely.

Some have sold everything to live life as nomads, but we went a different route and rented our home on Airbnb while we are away.

In the past year, we’ve spent three weeks in total in Spokane, Wash. and the rest has been miles away from home. There are many logistical challenges with home

maintenance, cleaning, and even getting our mail, but it’s all worked out and the journey has been well worth the minor hassles.


Many fisheries in the country are known nationwide, whether from professional tournament results or the sheer number of fish that they kick out each year. This year has taught me that even the best-known lakes can surely humble you, if you don’t hit them right and that there are plenty of gems you find along the way that are just as good without the publicity.