living and working on the road as a bass fishing tournament reporter

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Winter 2022


By Tyler Brinks

page 62


ince the pandemic became a reality, the world

has changed dramatically, both for the better and

worse. It’s caused significant damage to some, including lost loved ones, and forced some to prioritize things

in their lives and spend more time with family.

For me, it has been a chance to take to the road and

explore while working via my laptop from a travel trailer on the

shores of some of the best fisheries the country has to offer.


My wife Tanya and I have always dreamed of traveling the county and fishing along the way. The

pandemic made that plan a reality, putting it right in front of us instead of shelving that dream for retirement.

The prospect of online schooling for our kindergarten aged son, Fisher, was the kickoff to move us forward. With schooling done online, we could do it anywhere and that worked for his first year and we’ve since switched to homeschooling this school year.

My occupation as an outdoor writer only requires a laptop and internet connection and my wife, a self- employed real estate agent, chose to take a step back and enjoy the moment and have more family time.

I use my truck to pull our small, 19-foot travel trailer and my wife pulls my Bass Cat Caracal behind her SUV.