How To Install LiveSight VIDEO

Video to Install LIveSight


Winter 2020

Vertical fishing techniques like doodling Texas-rigged worms, jigging spoons, and then dropshotting made it possible to see a bass, drop the lure to the bass, and then hook up.

Then side scanning, forward scanning, and down scanning advanced sonar to the next level where we could not only see below the boat, but also around the boat.

Just when you didn’t think sonar could get better, Lowrance introduced LiveSight technology.

Imagine being able to locate a boulder or piling in deep water before your boat gets so close the fish know you are there. As you watch the screen on your Lowrance HDS LIVE

or Carbon, you see a couple of glowing marks moving around about 10-feet to the left side of the piling. A skilled pitch precisely places your jig over the bass, and as you watch your screen you see your jig slowly descend to the bottom. One of the glowing bass marks moves up like a missile to intercept your jig, and you suddenly feel like you snagged a freight train. All while watching the action unfold on your sonar display!

After releasing Mama Pesce you turn back to your screen and see three bass have now moved to the right side of the piling. As you watch them, a school of shad near

LiveSight Swivel Mount

LiveSight Face