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How You Install LiveSight


Winter 2020

Live Sight Clamps

Final Install



the surface swims toward the piling; so you fire your jig in their direction, watch it sink just below the school, and then swim it like a shad struggling to keep up with the school. Your depth is perfect because you see your jig on the screen swimming just below the shad. The glowing bass marks shoot up and intercept the jig, and another fight is on.

LiveSight sonar has arrived and can be quickly added to make your boat even more fun to fish from.

If you have the Lowrance LIVE all you need to get this technology is to add the LiveSight transducer (SKU: 000- 14458-001). If you have the previous Carbon generation, you still can add LiveSight with the addition of both the transducer and a PSI-1 box (Performance Sonar Interface SKU: 000-14899-001).

LiveSight allows two different fields of view, forward or down. The transducer comes from the factory with the mounts necessary for both views. When you install the transducer, you have to first decide which view you want, and then use that mounting hardware. You cannot change

your view from forward to down without changing the factory provided mounts.


Most bass anglers will use the forward view by mounting the LiveSight transducer to the shaft of a trolling motor. The factory bracket simply clamps onto the trolling motor shaft and is set for the optimal angle to look out in front of the boat.

You can use this installation to view all around your boat simply by turning the trolling motor so the transducer points in the direction you wish to view.

There are two considerations when deciding how high above the motor to clamp the transducer.