Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 58

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 58

opportunistic they can also be highly selective. Paying attention to details is the best way to consistently catch bass, and to catch the biggest of bass. When bass are actively feeding around structure or cover, matching the hatch will usually result in the best opportunity for luck.

What if you have no clue where the majority of bass are located, or what they may be eating?

Put together a game plan to systematically use a suite of rods designed to exploit different

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feeding approaches that will narrow the options and quickly determine an approach that catches bass.

Imagine you are a bass. Think about all the

different lures and techniques and how they are

viewed by bass from their perspective. Some

lures are designed to be

used on the bottom, some

on top, and others in the

middle of the water column.

A further distinction is

direction of movement. Some

lures are employed with a

horizontal retrieve; others are

designed to work in a vertical

fashion, and others in erratic

combinations of both.

How often do you think

about these factors when you

decide which rods you place

on your deck? Having a suite

of rods that exploit all or most

of the different ways bass feed

can make a huge improvement to

your ability to unlock the bite on

any body of water.


Prepare for multiple opportunities by choosing rigs that exploit vertical presentations, horizontal presentations, open water situations, and heavy cover situations. When you think and plan in these terms, rather than just putting just your favorite rod on the deck, then you are prepared to create your own luck.

For many reasons, some days you catch more bass with lures that move horizontally, and other days they jump all over a lure that falls vertically. If you only fish one type, how will you know? Place a variety of technique rods at the ready, and you are more likely to try them and offer bass a variety of views that will help you pick up on a bite that otherwise would have been missed.

Horizontal options that exploit the bottom include football head jigs (and similar styles), Carolina-rigs, shakey heads, Texas-rigged worms, and others. Horizontal options for mid-column use include crankbaits, jerkbaits (hard and soft), swimbaits, spinnerbaits, Alabama-rigs, underspins, and even