Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 54

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 54


wounded shad

running out of

steam. If 10 or

15 casts won’t

produce a strike,

move to another

fresh spot.

A top choice

for swimming

shad bodies

are AA Worms’

Bad Bubba

Shad’s in

white, white/


and sculpin. I

fish these

with weights

that range from ¼- to 1-oz. Anything that is heavier sinks too quickly. I always add a plastic twister tail if the water is murky or if I want it to sink more slowly; but often, just the plain jig is best.


Spoons are often a tactic, I keep in my bag of tricks for winter stripers. This method lets you put your lure right down in front of the striper’s face and keep it there, tempting it to strike. Plain Hopkins type spoons are an ole’ favorite here, but the best mouse trap is by far Blade Runner Duh Spoons, Fried Chicken, Chartreuse and pinks or trout patterns are solid bets.

Locate the gamefish themselves, a concentration


of bait, or simply good striper structure from 20- to 50-feet deep in areas like deep water channel edges at intersecting sloughs and the turning basins or man- made bays.

Once you’ve identified a target area, lower a spoon, blade lure or lipless crankbait to the level of the quarry or just

below where you’ve detected

baitfish. Then begin a

rhythmic lifting and dropping

of the rod tip, 12- to 30-inches

each time. Lower the lure fast

enough that it falls freely but

excessive slack doesn’t form

in the line. This is especially

effective in the dead of winter

and cold water conditions.

Strikes may occur at any

time, but often come on the

“drop”. Set the hooks fast, if

you feel a tap or the line moves

sideways or stops falling. When

a 20-lb striper streaks away on

a sizzling run, chances are good

you’ll forget how cold it is outside!


As far as rods and reels for

these techniques, I choose Waft 7’2” XHC for hair jigs and swimming shad bodies. For topwater, I use the Waft 7’10” HC and Phenix Inshore 7’7” rods all paired with Abu Garcia Revo inshore reels and Vicious Braid. Enjoy!