Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 53

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 53


a Delta favorite for many anglers, especially when there’s a chop on the water.

The Little Stick is a traditional cigar-style bait in the same category as longtime favorites the Pencil Popper, Super Spook and Big Stik. Red White and shad patterns are the key for these type baits.

There are those of us looking for bigger bites and seriously have splash addictions. We have gone to BIG

Jig, preferably white; and, preferably with a back of chartreuse, dark green, dark blue or red saddle hackle tied in along each side, surrounding the bucktail.

Cast these jigs out over prime striper holding areas or where fish have swirled; then, begin a slow, steady retrieve. This imitates a shad slinking slowly along. Count down anywhere from three to 20 seconds to let the bait get in the strike zone for that

hand crafted wood baits. Our Dan’s Delta Mizers are

particular day or at the level where you see fish on the

rapidly gaining traction in the specialty striper market. depth finder.

Don’t jerk or twitch these lures. Simply reel


steadily. If strikes aren’t coming, try pausing part

way back and letting the jig sink for several

Other ways to attract stripers are casting Bucktail

seconds. Then, resume the retrieve.

Jigs and swimming shad bodies. If fish aren’t breaking

This will look like


on top, blind casting and retrieving lures on and

around the many shoals and current

flowing points can be productive.

Work spots where you’ve just

seen stripers breaking or structure

that would likely hold these fish in

winter. Often the best are south

facing points that get the

most warmth once

the water

temps drop

into the

mid and low


Many fishermen

will toss deep-

diving, elongated minnow plugs,

lipless crankbaits, blade lures or other

offerings. But over the years, I’ve

found nothing will beat a plain Bucktail