Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2015, Page 7

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2015, Page 7

He has taken his knowledge of how largemouth and spotted bass behave in cold water and turned it into a strategy for targeting tournament-winning fish during the winter months.

Fish go deep in cold water, true, except Aaron targets the heavier, more hungry fish cruising the shallows. Britt advises searching out these shallow fish because they are more actively feeding, allowing him to fish bigger baits which reward him with the bigger than average fish. If you want to catch more numbers of fish, go deep, fish some structure where bass are holding and work a drop shot. If you’re willing to catch less fish that weigh significantly more, go

shallow and fish these baits how Aaron has proven

them to work.



Britt fishes a Huddleston more often than not when it comes to swimbaits, it’s a bigger profile swimbait and he is able to fish

it very slowly. Positioning the boat in

shallow water and casting out deep,

letting bait reach the bottom then

reeling it in slowly. It’s so vital for

the swimbait to keep contact

with the bottom and fishing

from deep to shallow allows

you to do this more easily

and for basically the

length of your cast.

Britt hints that bringing

your bait into shallow

water allows

fish to trap the bait where they are mostly likely to eat it. If you fish the opposite and bring the bait out to deeper water you lose contact with the bottom and fish may follow the bait and lose interest once it gets deeper and they don’t feel they can attack it easily. Aaron fishes a Huddleston on an IROD Large Swim with 25-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon.


A big profile, hunky ¾-oz football jig is what Britt prefers. He will use a Strike King Rage Craw or Lobster as a