Top Water Baits with Arron Britt

Top Water Baits with Arron Britt

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aron Britt is no stranger to big fish and impressive

bags; you may remember he just recently brought

home the FLW Rayovac champion trophy

from Clear Lake. A Yuba City local, he has only a few hour drive to

most all of the great northern California lakes and is

known to frequent them often. All in all, a very trusted

and sought out source for consistent knowledge of how

to catch fish wherever he goes. Britt gives us some tips for

targeting the bigger fish in the cold water.

Britt broke down his winter fishing for largemouth

and spotted bass, but much prefers to fish for spots over

largemouth. Spotted bass are the punks of the bass family

and prove so with their aggressive feeding, even in the cold-

water months.

Largemouth get lethargic and feed differently than spotted

bass. Britt says largemouth “would rather eat two or three

descent sized trout in a week than a dozen smaller sized bait

fish.” Spotted bass may weigh on average less in comparison to

largemouth but “they are way more fun to catch,” says Aaron.