Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2015, Page 39

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2015, Page 39


or secrets exposed?

Be sure to hit SAVE before exiting. On this same drop down menu, look for FISHING MOD . Highlight this and hit enter and choose SHALLOW WATER, if you are primarily fishing water less than 100 feet deep.


Lowrance sent me a replacement transducer, which was a skimmer type. I advised them that my dealer had installed my units and installed the shoot- through pod type transducer. I was informed that the units came with skimmers for shoot-through and trolling motor installations. Is there any significant difference in the transducers?


The units all come from the factory with skimmer

type transducers or no transducer at all


depending on the package option. Some dealers will order units with no transducer so they can match the transducer to the customers needs.

The major difference is the housing that the crystal and receiver is in, skimmer or pod. The internal parts are alike. They can both be glued into the bilge and perform exactly the same. The only thing to watch for is to make sure the skimmer transducer is upright when you leave the two-part epoxy to set up. The pod type is easier to epoxy because of the flat bottom but the skimmer works just fine once the epoxy has cured.

One thing to think about is the temperature sensor. If it is in the transducer, then the water temperature is the water in the bilge area of your boat. There is a transducer that can be mounted into the bilge area and has a remote temp sensor that goes over the stern and mounted where the water contacts the transom. This pod type transducer is a PDRT-WBL.


Why can’t they write some software to be able to delete Waypoints and Trails by region? I hope someone can suggest this to Lowrance, unless it’s already possible and I don’t know how to do it.


When you are placing Waypoints or starting Trails that you may want to delete later, edit the Waypoint to a specific icon or start the Trail in a specific color. This way you can later Delete Waypoints by that specific icon or trail color.