2 Must Have Lures For Summertime Bassin’ By Glenn Walker, Page 3

2 Must Have Lures For Summertime Bassin’
By Glenn Walker, Page 3


Summer 2021

Meaning that you can keep the same jig tied on your line, and by selecting a different soft plastic trailer, you can present the bass with a whole different looking meal. When I am fishing the 1/2-ounce AT jig, I will begin with a Zoom Super Chunk, as it compliments that size jig well and delivers a smooth rate of



fall. If I need to get more action out of my jig, using a trailer like a Swimmin’ Chunk, or UV Speed Craw are good choice. For a more streamlined approach, the Super Chunk Jr, or Salty Chunk, bring down the profile in the water column, along with slowing the rate of fall.

GEAR: Witch Doctor Tackle Shaman 7’6” Flippin’ Stick, paired with a high-speed casting reel and spooled up with 15- to 20-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon line. If I am targeting more abrasive shallow cover like wood, rocks, or docks, I’ll use 17-pound Seaguar AbrazX or 20-pound TATSU, whereas if I’m making casts to offshore emergent vegetation, I’ll go with 15- or 17-pound Seaguar InvizX.



Without a doubt the soft plastic stickbait… the Yamamoto Senko is a lure that we all know catches bass everywhere, from shallow to deep, cover to open water, this bait is adaptable and flat out catches bass.

Targeting bass in the shallows or in the mid-depth range, is the ideal situation to cast around a wacky rigged Senko, Zoom Zlinky or Fluke Stick. The subtle action of this