2 Must Have Lures For Summertime Bassin’ By Glenn Walker, Page 2

2 Must Have Lures For Summertime Bassin’
By Glenn Walker, Page 2

Summer 2021



you are

fishing on your favorite lake or river

this summer, there will

be key techniques that

come into play based on

the bite for that specific

body of water. That

being said, regardless of

what body of water you

are fishing, there are two

specific lures that will

always give you a good

opportunity to get a bass

to bite.



From pitching and flipping visible shallow water targets like laydowns, stumps, or boat docks, to making casts to isolated weed clumps or fishing a weedline to dragging it along a point or offshore piece of structure, the jig is a tried- and-true bass fishing lure that will catch bass anytime, anywhere.

COLOR: A standard black and blue, or green pumpkin jig, is a common lure choice for many bass anglers, and for the above reasons you can see why that holds true. By

varying your retrieve of

the jig, it caters to the

bass’ mood and position,

regarding the cover

or structure they are

relating to. Besides being

able to change up a jig’s

retrieve, you can switch

up its size and profile by

changing two different


SIZE: The first

and most obvious is

the weight of the jig.

Ninety-eight percent

of the time, I will begin

with a 1/2-ounce All-

Terrain Tackle AT jig. A

1/2-ounce jig seems to be the right weight for both fishing shallow and deep, along with most forms of cover you are fishing. If you are fishing deeper water, or need to get the jig through thicker vegetation, or heavy brush, then increasing the weight to a 3/4-ounce jig works. Likewise, if you are fishing shallower water, or the bass want a more streamlined profile, a 3/8 or even 1/4-ounce jig can be tied up.

PROFILE: The next item you can change up is the soft plastic trailer you put on the back of your jig. The choice of plastic will change the jig’s profile, size, and action in the water.