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Summer 2019

that continue to dominate without making a splash

By Pete Robbins

page 40


ver the past quarter-century of

tournament fishing, a select group of

new lures have made major impacts. Whether it’s the Yamamoto Senko and dropshot

revolutionizing finesse approaches, the ChatterBait

giving us a true spinnerbait alternative, or the 10XD

taking cranking to new depths, members of this Elite

group have rightfully gotten the acclaim they deserved.

There have even been entrants like the Alabama

rig which proved controversial, but no one ever

doubted their effectiveness.


Nevertheless, some of the most important contributions to the tournament scene haven’t gotten the credit that they were fully due.

In some cases, that’s been because the anglers using them most successfully have endeavored to keep them a secret.

In other situations, it’s because they’re just not “sexy” enough to capture widespread celebration. The proof, however, is in rod lockers and livewells. As the national circuits enter a period of unprecedented live coverage, it’s no longer possible to keep these things a secret.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time on the front lines of these bass wars – in the boats, at the tournaments, and talking with the top pros – and I can tell you that there are certain baits that just about everyone throws, but somehow don’t end up in the headlines all that often.

In the following pages we present four of them.