Bluetooth, Live Mapping, Smartphone Integration and More

Bluetooth, Live Mapping, Smartphone Integration and More

Summer 2019


Imaging 3-in-1 transducer provides sonar, SideScan, and DownScan all in one transducer.

The advantage of having one transducer with all three functions is mounting simplicity and having all transducer elements together at the same elevation in the water column. This is especially helpful in using the FishReveal function that combines regular sonar and DownScan into a single panel. All the LIVE models use the newer 9-pin transducers but can also use previous Lowrance 7-pin sonar transducers with the addition of an adapter cable (part# 000-13313-001).

If you already have 3D StructureScan and traditional sonar transducers mounted in your boat, you only need the

7 pin to 9 pin Adapter Cable

(part# 000-13313-001)

which allows you to use older transducers with the

HDS LIVE models

adapter cable for each 7-pin transducer. The LIVE models will give you all the benefits of clearer imaging and new hardware features without having to change out your transducers.

Like previous models, the LIVE units have Chirp, FishReveal, Bluetooth, WIFI, NMEA 2000 and Ethernet networking, Sirius XM Marine Weather and Audio compatibility, SonicHub and Radar connectivity, NMEA 2000 engine support, etc.


Besides a new look, the LIVE models added programmable shortcut buttons that let you take an action such as “stop sonar” with a single button push. You can program up to eight different functions (set a waypoint with a specific symbol, activate power poles, activate anchor mode on trolling motor, select a specific display screen, put the unit in standby, and more).

Marc Marcantonio with a Casitas bass caught using ActiveImaging technology

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