What Exactly is Lowrance HDS LIVE

Whats the Dif in Lowrance HDS LIVE




By Marc Marcantonio

Summer 2019

here’s what you need to know


echnology is amazing. My first fishfinder was

Lowrance’s “Little Green Box,” and it was MAGIC.

The display’s spinning disk and flashing light would show the bottom depth and occasionally a fish. This

technology was a quantum leap in finding and catching fish.

With today’s Lowrance HDSLIVE-12 fishfinder, I can see

my crankbait coming to the boat on its screen, and a bass

charge and connect just before my rod bends double. I can

view past and present Google Earth satellite images on the

screen. Important phone text messages can pop-up on my

screen, so I don’t have to fumble for my phone, drop it, and

have it bounce off my padded Ranger deck into the lake

(don’t ask me how I know). Now I can watch the play-off ball

game on one panel of my fishfinder while viewing SideScan

and discovering rockpiles. If you love technology, the new

Lowrance LIVE unit is today’s magic.


LIVE is the newest generation model in the HDS series of Lowrance fishfinders. The HDS series are affordable professional-grade instruments for serious anglers who enjoy using the latest technology to improve their fun on the water. These new electronics have features and benefits that are as powerful as you could want, but as simple as a smartphone to operate.

LIVE is a significant upgrade in both hardware and software over the popular Carbon model of the HDS series. Like the Carbon, the LIVE models come in four sizes, a 7”, 9”, 12”, and 16” screen model.

• Perhaps the most important improvement is

processing speed. The LIVE-7 and LIVE-9 models

have a new high-speed dual-core processor.

Doug Hanson, Camarillo with a Lake Casitas bass caught on an Alabama rig. With the LiveSight you can see you’re A-rig on your LIVE screen from 60-feet away as you retrieve it, and watch bass hit it!

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