Hook Details Part Three with Marc Marcantonio, Page 3

Hook Details Part Three with Marc Marcantonio, Page 3


Spring 2022

Thirty-five years later in another championship

worms with single hooks to put them in the livewell. But

tournament in Washington State, my team partner hooked- this has changed due to better rod designs, and most

up on a big smallmouth bass at the same moment my

importantly, better hook designs.

crankbait was slammed!

After that Federation championship, I learned to

I yelled “We got a double” and scrambled for the

painstakingly hand-sharpen every point on all my trebles

net just as he was sliding his bass to the surface on the

with a whetstone.

starboard side of my boat. Scooping up his bass, I swung

Today most crankbait manufacturers still skimp on the

the net with his bass in it to the port side and netted two

quality of their hooks since hard baits are expensive, but

big smallmouths attached to my crankbait. In 5-seconds

if hand sharpening is too tedious, you can now purchase

we had three smallies in the net that weighed almost

quality treble hooks from most hook manufacturers.


THEN: hooks were

What was the big

made from cheap wire

difference between these two events with

DelawareTeam Federation Nationals 1975

that would bend out and rust, the hook

very different outcomes?

points were dull, the

Treble hook quality.

barbs too long to fully

Although similar in

penetrate, and the shape

appearance, just about

was not optimized to

every aspect of a treble

ensure quick and deep

hook has been improved.


Every serious bass

angler in the ‘70’s used

NOW: premium wire

crankbaits because bass

is stronger yet smaller

ate them; but would get

in diameter, hook points

frustrated by the poor

are smaller and sharper,

landing ratio.

nano-coated finishes

It was not unusual

are slick allowing quicker

to use crankbaits just

penetration, and the

to locate bass, and then

hook shape is designed

switch to jigs or plastic

to direct all force to

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