Hook Details Part Three with Marc Marcantonio, Page 2

Hook Details Part Three with Marc Marcantonio, Page 2

P K A N R O T W 3 ® ING

By Marc Marcantonio

Spring 2022

hoo I ks

t was a muggy summer morning of a 1974 Delaware

Federation Tournament on the Nanticoke River.

Morning fog was clinging to the water surface, and butterflies were fluttering in my gut.

This was the final tournament to qualify for the BASS

Federation Nationals, and I had to find some bass in the

coffee-colored tidal water.

Picking up my pistol grip Skyline Graphite 5.5-foot

rod with a red Ambassador baitcaster, I fired a black and

chartreuse Balsa-B crankbait alongside a fallen tree. Just as

it bumped a branch, I paused so the lure would float up over

the branch.


An angry four-pound largemouth shot out of the water jumping over the log with its head shaking back and forth toward the sky. My butterflies quickly turned into a sinking feeling as Mama Pesce threw my Balsa-B back at me!

How can a bass slam a bait with six hook points and not stay hooked?

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