Mind Your Ps And Qs: Swimbait Fishing & General Tactics By John Liechty , Page 2

Mind Your Ps And Qs: Swimbait Fishing & General Tactics By John Liechty	, Page 2

Spring 2021


Ps and Qs

roam these lakes aren’t amused by nursery rhymes. Instead, they are complex creatures and more often than not, intrigued by intricate compositions. Whether it’s shaking a worm on light line or seamlessly swimming a nine-inch glidebait, it takes practice.


Greatness doesn’t always just happen. In fact, it usually happens when we least expect it. However, having confidence in your technique and staying focused on your approach will be rewarded in time.

It may sound funny, but fish do not feed when we want them to. They feed when the conditions are most conducive for them to successfully capture a meal.

You might be in the right spot, with the perfect lure, but just at the wrong time. It takes patience and confidence to

continue casting, moving, and processing. A good tip is if it looks like big fish would live in a particular area, they do. They just are waiting for their optimal feeding times and conditions.


This is one of the most critical aspects of angling. The fish see many lures, hear many trolling motors and big motors through the day. And, if they suspect the natural surroundings are not normal their likelihood to feed (especially on an artificial) drops substantially.

When approaching a key area or location and setting up for the optimal presentation, I like to compare it to hunting. You most likely will not capture the largest and most cautious trophies, if you a crashing haphazardly through the woods.

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