Mind Your Ps And Qs: Swimbait Fishing & General Tactics By John Liechty

Mind Your Ps And Qs: Swimbait Fishing & General Tactics By John Liechty

By John Liech ® ty


Mind your

Spring 2021

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In the world of bass fishing, the idea of having a shortage of options just doesn’t exist. In fact, there are more options, variables, and decisions to make than any angler could imagine. Where to go, what to use and how to use it, has been covered in articles for years. But what about placing the attention and primary focus on one’s frame of mind or putting emphasis on our ability to process information accurately and making appropriate on the water decision accordingly.


Fishing large swimbaits in unarguably the most difficult way to target fish on most days. You are fishing for such a small portion of the

fish in the lake and the lure size will deter or not attract the average-sized fish.

Having a system and a systematical thought process when delving into this grind is extremely beneficial to maintain drive and optimism.


When fishing all other techniques, we have many more options as we are not just targeting trophy-sized fish.

By all means, this does not make it easier and learning all the intricacies of each tactic could take a lifetime.

But once again,

learning the nuances and

having a frame of mind to

strategically adjust and

to effectively fish many

techniques will maximize

angling efficiency.


Learning your lure is comparable to learning an instrument.

For instance, anyone can walk up to a piano

and produce sound,

but playing a song is a

whole different story.

Some can begin to play

“Twinkle Twinkle Little

Star” after just a little

practice, but to conquer

a masterpiece such as

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

might take years of

trial and error and


And believe me,

the largest fish that