Creating A Spy With Josh Bertrand By Tyler Brinks

Creating A Spy  With Josh Bertrand
By Tyler Brinks

a spy


By Tyler Brinks

Spring 2021

With Josh


hen you see a fishing lure with a pros

name on the package, there’s often a

story behind how that bait made it there. Sometimes a professional angler agrees to promote

an existing product and others are very hands-on with

the development, which was the case with Josh Bertrand

and Berkley’s SPY.

The journey from idea to retail sales took nearly a year

for Berkley with Bertrand and included everything from 3D

printers and test tanks to real-world testing across a variety

of fisheries. Now that Bertrand, has had the official retail

release onboard his boat for a full season, he shares a couple

tips and the making of the lure.



Berkley came to Bertrand asking if he had any ideas for lures and a slow-sinking spybait was at the top of his wish list.

“The biggest thing I wanted was a spybait that I could fish shallow,” Bertrand said of the idea that would eventually become the Slow Sink version of the SPY. They also released a standard Fast Sink in the process built on the same body but with a different weighting system.

Besides just looking to make a spybait, Bertrand said they put thought into building it to his specifications.

“Berkley’s big thing is they want the lures to look good, but they want them to catch fish,” he said. “We took a look at the other products and made our version of it. We made sure that when we tested them, they catch as many or more fish than what was out there.”



The spybait is a style of lure that has entered the mainstream after several years of regional success. These lures are here to stay and Bertrand was a fan of what was out there but wanted something a little different.


Once the idea was set in motion, Bertrand took a trip to Berkley’s Spirit Lake, Iowa facility to get to work.