Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor Video Breakdown

The Ghost Trolling Motor from Lowrance


Spring 2020

Want to stay on your spot without manipulating your motor or foot controls? Press anchor on your HDS screen, or hit the anchor button on your foot pedal, or on the optional remote control. Your boat will stick on the spot even in wind or current, hands and foot-free. You can adjust your speed to get into position with the screen menu, the remote control, or by turning the speed dial on the foot pedal.

Let’s say bass are stacked on a deep underwater ridge, or long shell bed. You can quickly program a route on your chart screen, press the autopilot function on the screen and your Ghost will follow the route precisely. You can adjust the speed to match your fishing needs. Want to circle a hump and fish it from multiple angles? Program a route in a circle around the hump, set your desired speed, and you can fish the hump repeatedly without touching your foot pedal. Now all your time on the water can be spent fishing or tackle-rigging while your Ghost automatically maintains your fishing position despite wind or current.

Maybe you have a long no-wake zone to traverse, and you want to pull your rods out of the locker or eat a snack. Just set your heading or cursor on the map and let your Ghost drive while you multi-task.

Of the many electric motors I have owned and used, the foot-pedal steering on the Ghost is easily the best. It is a fly-by-wire system, so there are no cables to break and ruin your tournament or fishing day. The foot-pedal steering control is smooth, and responsive. Each little movement provides instant response, and the movement is effortless throughout the entire pedal range of motion.

The shaft of the Ghost has a 360-degree breakaway mount to withstand impacts, without damaging the shaft which comes with a lifetime warranty. Because Lowrance uses a split shaft on the Ghost, the upper shaft and head do not spin as the user changes direction. Simple, neat, fast, quiet, and reliable.