Dont Make These Jerkbait Errors

Jerkbait tools, gear, tips and mistakes


Spring 2020

page 52

Nobody makes more models, sizes, weights, and realistic finishes. And they all catch the heck out of bass. Favorite models coast to coast include the Pointer 78SP, Lightning Pointer 98XR, and the Staysee 90SP, but don’t limit yourself to only these models.

If I had to pick only two colors, it would be Ghost Minnow and Aurora Black. These natural colors work great in clear water where jerkbaits excel but look over the many patterns available and choose the one that best resembles your local baitfish.

Lucky Craft jerkbaits come with premium hooks which are excellent right from the package. Despite this, if you want every possible competitive edge you should change the hooks to Gamakatsu G-Force short shank trebles. Because the wire is lighter in weight, you can go up one size without negatively affecting action, and you will land more big bass. Additionally, the wire is smaller diameter, the hook points are sharper, and they are covered with a nano coating; all which results in instant penetration with very little force needed.

The advantages of sticky sharp hooks cannot be overstated with jerkbaits. This singular factor allows you to use light line, lighter rods, and smaller baitcasting reels that are also lighter in weight.

All this translates into less stress on your wrists, which you depend upon to impart the proper jerkbait action necessary to attract strikes and hook Mama Pesce.


ROD: Over many years I

have refined my rod choice to match the hooks I use on my lures, and the pound-test line. Typically for any reaction bait,

especially jerkbaits and

crankbaits, you will land

more bass using a rod

with a parabolic bend.

Many fail to

understand what is

meant by parabolic.

Essentially a

parabolic rod forms a

deep bend from the

tip to the reel seat.

The bend is your friend

when using lures with

treble hooks. It acts

as a shock absorber

when bass strike, and

throughout the fight,

which helps prevent

surging bass from

breaking your line. A

deep parabolic bend

helps keep slack out of your line when bass jump, preventing them from throwing your jerkbait.

The sticky sharp hooks with small diameter wire do the work of barb penetration so the rod is less important. Heavy and fast-action rods are better suited for single- hook applications and will tire your wrists when used with jerkbaits. My favorite jerkbait rod is a Lamiglas XP705R graphite rod.

For years I swore by Lamiglas S-Glass rods, which were heavier and necessary to drive thicker wire hooks for a good hookset. They have a parabolic bend also which resulted in landing more bass.

Now, with the lighter and

sharper Gamakatsu G-force

hooks, the Lamiglas XP705R rod

works perfectly, and you gain

the lightness and sensitivity of

quality graphite. It has what I

call a hinged action. It appears

to be fast action when working

the lure (the tip does the most

bending and work when jerking

the bait) but the rod bends into

a deeper parabolic bend when a

bass is being played.

REEL: My reel of choice is a

Shimano Core 50MG7 baitcaster, loaded with 8-, 10- or 12-pound Yamamoto Sugoi fluorocarbon line (preferably 10-pound-test).

The reel is lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand,