Snaps Rings and Other Jerkbait Tips

Dont Make This Mistake When Jerkbait Fishing

Spring 2020




f you want to be in the know, and be the angler

others try to emulate, keep reading. Learning

to be an expert with jerkbaits will put more and bigger bass in your boat.

Why are jerkbaits so deadly?

Put simply, they appeal to

bass for two important reasons.

Their realism induces feeding

strikes, and their action provokes

reaction strikes.

The overall shape of jerkbaits

makes them a lure that bass do

not learn to resist. Doing so would

mean never eating baitfish, and

perpetual hunger. For this same

reason the jerkbait is a big fish

bait. When Mama Pesce sees

other types of lures repeatedly,

she learns to keep her mouth

shut. But, when a realistic jerkbait

jumps past, she railroads it.

Jerkbaits are also deadly

because they allow you to make

more casts in a day and cover a lot

more territory. This is especially

useful in locating both scattered

bass and concentrations of bass.


The first mistake of novice anglers is not optimizing their tackle for the job. Many use tackle that is too heavy, and their wrists tire before achieving success.

Certainly, the proper retrieve is harder than most,

but with the proper tackle

any bass angler can learn to

excel with a jerkbait. When

you choose your tackle, take

an integrated approach and

match the rod, reel, line, lure,

and hooks to maximize lure

action, hooking ability, and

landing ability, with minimal

physical effort.


The best way to understand better tackle choices is to start at the business end; the lure. There are many considerations in choosing the proper lure, but you can’t go wrong with the tried and true Lucky Craft brand of jerkbaits.