finesse presentations for bass

dropshot, leaderless dropshot, ned rig for spring bass

Spring 2020


Shot Worm. This swivel shot is teamed with a 1/0 or 2/0 Gamakatsu straight shank worm hook with a keeper that you can use to rig a worm Texas-style (weedless).

This was the next rigging that Fukae asked for when fishing in and around cover.

“I know that everyone thinks that I fish a drop shot exclusively on a spinning setup, but I have been known to lean towards using a baitcaster setup from time to time, if conditions call for it and especially if I am fishing in or around cover that does not match the spinning setup,” explained Fukae. “I now have the freedom to beef up my tackle choice when and if needed with the Swivel Shot Worm.

When Fukae fishes a drop shot on a baitcaster, he spools up with 12- to 14-lb fluorocarbon line and fish it on a 6’10’ M to MH baitcaster rod.


Next on Fukae’s finesse list is the Neko rig.

“I have been fishing a form of the Neko rig for years,” he said. “The Neko rig has caught on here in the United States in the last five years. I mainly fish the Neko with a 1/16- to 1/8-oz nail weight in the nose of the bait.”

Fukae suggested making a cast and letting the bait settle to the bottom.

“It is key you fish the Neko along the bottom,” he said. “You do not want to fish your bait too far off the bottom as the Neko rig really represents a craw or a baitfish moving along the bottom”.

Fukae talked about a common mistake that fishermen make when Neko rigging.

“Many are not paying attention to how they are rigging the hook,” he warned. “The proper way is to position the hook through the bait with the hook point coming from the head towards tail.

“This way when the bait is pulled through the cover the hook shank acts like a weedguard of some sorts. If you turn the hook around you are pulling the hook point right into the cover and it will get fouled more this way”.

To make the Neko rig more weedless, Fukae will opt to use the new Gamakatsu G-Finesse Weedless Wacky hook. The weed guard is made of Titanium wire and is adjustable to the angle that you need, increasing hookups.


Fukae referred to the next rig as the LDS a Leaderless Drop Shot. Currently this is not on the

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