Shin Fukaes Trio of Finesse

Three Ways to Finesse Bass with Shin Fukae


Spring 2020


he popularity of bass fishing has been on

the rise across the country leading to more

fishing pressure in all our area lakes. On any given lake you could safely say that there is

some form of a tournament almost every weekend, if

the lake is known for bass fishing. Now with the added

pressure of high school and college fishing, the bass in

these waters many times never get a chance to rest.

With all this attention bass are knowingly

conditioned and becoming harder to catch and this

is pushing more fisherman to add finesse tactics to

their fishing arsenal, if they want to be a force when it

comes to tournaments.

With this thought in mind at a recent Writers

Conference, I was assigned to have a session with

Gamakatsu/Spro pro Shin Fukae.

If it is a finesse tactic that we are all fishing, there

is a very good chance that it was Fukae that let us in

on the secret.

Having spent the majority of his life in Japan and

cutting his bass fishing teeth on some of the most

pressured waters in the world, Fukae has either come

up and developed some of these finesse ideas to start

with or he has fished these techniques for years before

letting his US counter points in on the goods.

Once we got settled my first question to him was

what are your top-three finesse tactics?

Shin’s first reaction was a big grin on his face.


“Number one on my list of the three top is the drop shot” said Fukae. Drop shot fishing has become a main stay finesse tactic to all bass fishermen when either looking for a bass to round out your limit or as a technique to just put bass in the boat that day.”

He gave more specifics.

“I like to drop shot fast,” he began. “I would make a pitch or cast, let the bait settle to the bottom, give it a few twitches then a short pull and a few more twitches. I repeat this maybe three or four times, then it is time to make my next cast or pitch.

“I would reel in my line fast to be onto the next move. When the hook was tied to the line this would causing a lot of line twist which was having an effect on my line. So, I went to Gamakatsu with the idea for the Gamakatsu Swivel Shot”.


His pitch to Gamakatsu was to incorporate a drop shot hook and a swivel setup to take the bait twist away as you are reeling the bait back to the boat.

When the project was done Fukae could fish the bait at the faster speed like he wanted eliminating line twist along the way.

In the last year, Gamakatsu has expanded the Swivel Shot with the addition of the G Finesse Swivel

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