Fish Reveal and Caught Smallie

Lowrance Image Review Up Close

Spring 2019



By Marc Marcantonio

LO im W age R int A erp N ret C atio E n

page 64


The above image shows three panels of information. The left side is the chart display. The black circles on the chart are range rings (this is a setting you can add in the chart menu).

Range rings help you know how far away your waypoint is, and how far to cast your lure. On this screen they show 50-feet of distance between each ring. The scale at the bottom right corner of the chart panel shows the distance, which you can change by zooming in or out.

My game plan here was to fish two sweet spots from the same boat position.

My bass boat was positioned on top of a Waypoint named AUG 29, so I could watch my Sonar and DownScan for fish below me while casting to fish on Waypoint 129.

Waypoint Aug 29 is usually money, hence my choice of icon. Look at the top right panel, and you will see what is happening directly below my trolling motor in almost 3- feet of water. The black/blue marks above and parallel to the bottom (orange zone) show a school of two or three-pound smallmouth bass.

In the bottom right panel is a DownScan image with Lowrance’s Fish Reveal feature turned on. The bass show more clearly, and the lake bottom is more clearly pictured. You can see my 4-inch Yamamoto Shad Shaped Worm and 1/4-ounce QuickDrop dropshot weight sinking to the bottom.

It is the slanted vertical line, in both the sonar and DownScan panels. I caught three smallmouth bass from Waypoint Aug 29, and two more casting to Waypoint 129 without ever moving my boat and spooking the bass.