The Whole System, How to Fish It and the Mods

The Whole System, How to Fish It and the Mods


Spring 2019

Ike believes the difference-maker in this rig is how the bait is three-fold:

1) THE LOCATION - how the bait presents raised off the bottom

2) THE ACTION - how the bait moves off the bottom

3) THE MECHANISM - it has a rigid wire, not a soft drop- leader.

“That rigid drop-wire really makes a difference; because if you’re using a soft leader – braid or mon, they’re both soft and the bait compresses on itself,” he explained. “It is the rigid wire - that is the key to it all.”


SWIVEL: The line attaches to a two-way barrel swivel.

SPLIT RING: That is attached to a split ring. “A welded split ring is best,” said Ike.

HOOK: The hook shoots off to the side from the split ring. “An EWG is a great hook, because it is such a versatile hook; but eventually you will see Tokyo rigs with straight shanks, with traditional offsets and even finesse hooks,” he said.

Close up look at the welded split ring with the three attached pieces – the barrel swivel, the hook and the rigid wire to hold your desired weight(s) options.

Tokyo rig shown with two opposing bullet weights.