3 Reasons the Tokyo Rig will Change Bass Fishing

Everything you need to know to build, modify and fish the Tokyo rig

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Spring 2019

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like Mike Iaconelli

by Jody Only

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Ike explained that although the technique is being called the Tokyo rig here in the States, it also known by another name – Leadered Punch Shotting – in other regions.


“I first laid my eyes on it, a few years ago, at Lake Biwa in Japan,” Ike recalled. “I was fishing there, using what we would call more ‘traditional techniques’ and guys were catching all kinds of fish behind me with it. I remember it like yesterday!

“At first, I was fishing with a guide from the lake. He was in front me and constantly outfishing me and

my punch rig. I took a look at his system and figured

I could use a short-leader dropshot; but he was still

crazy outfishing me. Finally, I got one of his, tied it on

and saw the effectiveness of it.”

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ot using the term lightly, Mike Iaconelli likened

it to the success and industry-marker of the

Yamamoto Senko or the Alabama rig. “It is one of those and truly exciting,” the Jersey pro added.


“It’s so new and it’s so good, we haven’t even figured out the full scope of the Tokyo rig yet,” began Ike. “That is great; because as it develops, you will see guys come out with even more ways to fish than we will even talk about today.”

The line attaches to a two-way barrel swivel that holds the hook and a separate offshoot of

the rigid wire that holds the hook.