Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 31

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 31

cheapest gas

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course, traveling with others and splitting the expenses will also cut down on the costs.


You can save

a lot of money by

making your own lures. Another advantage to making your own lures is that you can create something that is different than what the fish are used to seeing. I have found that by changing color combinations a little can be a big benefit in a tournament. One website that I really like is FishBoss.com; because they offer quality products at affordable prices. It’s a company started by Gary Klein and Charles Hymes, and yes they use their own product too! That speaks volumes to me; definitely a product I trust! Plus, they have all the components I need such as jig heads, skirts, punch hubs, spinnerbaits, wire, blades, hooks and buzz baits. I can purchase unpainted jig heads or painted ones. I can buy the skirts premade or pick out the color and make my own skirts. I can even add my own weed guards. Fish Boss offers all the components that I need to make whatever I want and that makes it very simple to piece together the lures.


I am not much of a believer in carrying credit; however, there can be major advantages to using a credit card with incentives such as airline miles or rewards etc. Check with your current credit card companies to find out if they offer any incentives. Then of course, immediately pay your card off each month so you remain interest free.


If you are like me, you may have packages of baits that work; but you may forget that you have them. In order to avoid this, you need to keep your spare tackle

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organized. If you know what you have on hand, you will save by not having to purchase a duplicate item.

Check out your local dollar store, Walmart and other discount centers. When I buy containers, I make sure they are large enough to store Plano stowaways and each container must have a strong and secure lid.

Many fishermen I know use pegboard in their garages. It is perfect for organizing packs of soft baits and hard baits.


Try to buy your hooks, sinkers, line and so forth in bulk. The price per item can save money like when buying a 5-pack vs. a 25-pack or a 200-yd spool of line vs. a 1000-yd spool.

Save on line by marrying a mono and fluorocarbon leader to braid; this will save you a lot of money by using the braid as your backer line on your reels. When I do this I like to use, Seaguar INVIZX fluorocarbon married to Samurai braid made by Daiwa.To get the best fuel economy for your boat, consider running your motor at 4000 RPMs. This will generally give you the best fuel economy on the water.