Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 30

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 30




on a dime

Economical Approaches to Bass Fishing


There are simple things you can do to make your

tackle last longer. Oil your reels as recommended


ass fishing can be very affordable, highly

expensive, or somewhere in between.

It can all depend on your situation. Re-

gardless of the amount of money that an angler has to spend, many still look for ways to

in the manual by the manufacturer. Use rod socks to protect your line and fishing poles during travel. Prevent your hooks from rusting by keeping moisture out of your tackle. If your tackle bag gets wet, open everything up when you get to a dry area, wipe down

save and get the most out of their money. Here are the moisture and then let air dry.

some tips on how you can make fishing a little easier

on your wallet.


Lifetime Memories!

Vacations, Weddings, Graduations, Pets, etc. A canvas print makes

a great gift!

Transfer your photo to canvas and turn any moment into a beautiful memory as if it were

hanging in a gallery.


If you are going to a tournament or just going fun fishing, when there are four or more in your group, you should check into renting a house. Many times a house rental is much more economical than hotels. You can also save on food costs by cooking your meals. Plus, it is usually more convenient charging your boats at the house. Another tip is to make sure to inquire on the homes that appear to be out of your price range. A lot of times, the prices are not updated and many times they are negotiable, depending on the seasons and availability.

In Havasu, AZ most homes are built with boat- deep garages and motor home parking; so there is usually plenty of parking. In northern California at Clear Lake and the Delta, you can find nice, lake-front properties with boat docks. Also, when traveling to Lake Shasta, Lake Powell and Lake Mead there could be houseboat rentals available.


I always try to hit the truck stops, they usually have the cheapest gas. Another idea is to check out the websites that post current gas prices to find the