Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 12

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 12

S T s IC o K lut B io A n IT s

EmployThisVersatileSoft BY DAVID A. BROWN Plastic for Multiple Scenarios


here is no one bait for every fishing scenario, but there is one

that probably fits more individual uses than any other. Drum roll,

please. And the winner is – the soft, plastic stick bait.

Simple in form, but complex in capability, this utilitarian tool should find its place in every angler’s tackle bag. From straightforward

Texas-rigging, to wacky style, Carolina-rigging, dropshotting and even

weightless, topwater presentations, few plastics can claim the level of

diversity that stick baits afford. Common models of this simple

worm include Yamamoto Senkos, Yum Dingers, Zoom

Mag Finesse Worms, Wave Tiki Sticks, Berkley Sinking

Minnow, Lunch Money Trick Sticks and TriggerX

Flutter Worms. Sizes range from about 3 to

7-inches and anglers ultimately gravitate toward

the ones with which they develop the most


As with all bait categories, equipping

yourself with a range of color options

enables you to adjust to conditions –

water clarity, temperature, wind, cloud

cover – and fish behavior. Keeping

multiple stickbait sizes handy furthers

that flexibility.

“I like to have many options

when it comes to a stick bait,” said

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and

Senko expert Matt Greenblatt.

“I always have a green pumpkin,

watermelon red flake and black/

blue flake in the boat both in 5-inch

and 6-inch. These three colors I have