Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 11

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 11

understanding a lot of it before me part of my

to other things. The same thing has happened with

profession and passion.

frog fishing in the Delta and swimbaits at lakes all over.

That being said, in my years as an industry person People still catch them on old lures or techniques; and

and an angler, I’ve come across two things that have

quite well; but the more people use those lures, the

driven me nuts more than anything on the water. One more bass learn to stay away from them.

is a lure, and the other is

a technique.

The first is a split-

I hope we get the

My point is that the same thing will

shot rig with a four- inch, Morning Dawn colored, hand poured

chance to see what this

happen with the Alabama Rig. It will be hot for a while, and

worm on it. In my early years of fishing

thing can be, because

then it will slide to the edges as a standard

tournaments, I looked for the different pattern; I’d often find myself

it sure has generated

tournament item, but not “the hot thing anymore”; history tells

buried in the willow trees at Folsom Lake with a Flippin’ Stick (by the way, thank you for that rod Dee) in my

some excitement - both

me that it will.

The good thing

on and off the water.

about the Alabama rig is that it has

hands trying to find

people excited about

a Hail Mary pattern.

buying fishing tackle

That’s just one example of the different things I’d try

again. At a time when the manufacturers as a whole

and while my approach worked sometimes, there

are struggling to find something to speak positively

were times it didn’t.

about, the Alabama Rig - and its many “knock-offs”

But, even in those times that I figured out the off

have made people spend money on not just the rig

the wall pattern, I can’t tell you how many times I’d

itself, but swimbaits, heads, line and even dedicated

come back to weigh-in and finish third or fourth to

rods and reels.

some “unskilled soul” dragging a stupid split-shot

Hopefully, the leagues will see this as an

rig with a dang Morning dawn worm around by the

opportunity to promote their sponsors and the

trolling motor. I even remember one time finishing

industry that helps keep them launching boats into

second as a co-angler at Shasta to a guy who was

the misty morning. I’m sure there will be some who

fishing in his first year doing exactly the same thing.

will deem it unfishable; but I hope not. I know there are

individuals out there working to have it barred from

The next thing I don’t seem to hold in high regard use in tournaments, and what the result of that will be

is the Senko. I know, it is the best lure ever invented;

is yet to be seen.

but I just don’t seem to get the same bites on the

thing as everyone else. My first fish on it was a Clear

It may not be as easy as I’m making it out to

Lake five-pounder; but that is still the biggest I’ve

be, but if we are truly competitors then we should

caught on it, and I can only think of maybe 10 fishing

learn to use everything - within the rules - to help us

days in the last 10 years that I’ve caught more than a

win. It shouldn’t matter if we love frog fishing, flippin’

couple of bass with it. I know, I suck, but I’m just being or the infernal Senko and a drug split-shot with a


Morning Dawn worm as our favorite technique; if

What eventually happened with those

we want to win, we use what is going to give us the

presentations is that the more people started using

chance to do so.

them, the less effective they became. Oh, they still

caught bass, and quite well (for some), but the fish

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted prior to

became accustomed to them and anglers moved on

the B.A.S.S. ruling banning the Alabama rig.

ISSUE 1  February 2012