Targeting Cuts For Big Results By Jonathan Lepera, Page 2

Targeting Cuts For Big Results
By Jonathan Lepera, Page 2

Fall 2021

When the bite slows, he’ll finesse them with a Strike King Ocho soft-plastic stickbait.

Then, true to Lowen’s DNA, he won’t hesitate to pitch a black/blue or green pumpkin Strike King Denny Brauer Pro Flip Tube. White is perfect when shad are in play.

“The best part - regardless of the lure your throw - it’ll naturally wash through the cut,” Lowen said.

But, before going “all-in” fishing cuts as a tournament plan, keep in mind, too much wind can wash away any chance of a win.

“If you get too much wind and wave action, it might mess it up because it will get so stirred up,” Lowen started. “I’ve had so many events where mother nature has kicked me right in the teeth.”


Major League Fishing ace Ish Monroe fishes such areas year-round. During the fall, he’ll fish the current to the deeper water.

“Fish are transitioning to ambush mode,” said Monroe. “They’re sitting in the current, letting the bait come to them because they are feeding up.”

He’ll alternate between cranking a River2Sea Biggie crankbait up shallow and a River2Sea Tactical Bassin DD or Scott Martin Goon crankbait for deeper water.

Since Monroe hasn’t joined the speed-cranking school, he’ll still use a Daiwa Tatula Elite (6:3:1) spooled with 12- to 15-pound Daiwa J-Fluoro Samurai line, paired with a 7’2”- to 7’4” Daiwa Tatula Elite Ehrler cranking rod.


Finding cuts that are adjacent to deeper water is vital.

“The fish are already going to deeper water because the conditions are more stable and comfortable,” he shared. “The depth allows them to move between deep and shallow.”

Don’t forget the runoff from that current creates underwater points which hold fish, too.

At best, the way Monroe fishes an out-of-production River2Sea Trophy Minnow is painful. Cast it out, reel it down, jerk twice, then have a cup of coffee. Twitch a couple more times; perhaps you should eat your sandwich. But, it works!

On 20-pound fluorocarbon, Monroe will also fish a smaller compact jig, like a 1/2-ounce Missile Baits Mini-Flip with a matching Missile Baits Baby D-Bomb to match the color. Black/blue, green pumpkin and peanut butter and jelly are the only colors needed.


Regardless of the front or backside of the cut, just target the one the most sunlight and least amount of current.

“I’m looking for the flat side of it where the bass are going to be spawning at,” Monroe said.

Though he’ll start off slinging a spinnerbait to pick off active fish, Monroe can’t wait to get to work pitching

Ish’s Daiwa Tatula