Targeting Cuts For Big Results By Jonathan Lepera

Targeting Cuts For Big Results
By Jonathan Lepera

Fall 2021


By Jonathan LePera

targ F e O t R i B n IG g RE c SU u L t T s S


argemouth bass are opportunistic creatures of

habit, sometimes lacking the motivation to make

for a good day of fishing. When the wind blows, anglers can pin them down as bass relate to cuts due to

and the current created, which brings in the bait. Cuts are

natural or man-made “cuts” that separate land. Often,

they’ll have a deep trough running through the middle with

shallow and deeper water on each side of the cut

Lowen cranks an Ima Squarebill on 12-pound test to trigger a reaction bite when getting deeper is a priority. Otherwise, he upsizes to 15-pound Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon line when structure or hard targets are in play.

Topside, he’ll mix in a black or white LurePartsOnline. com Pro Planer buzzbait.


Ish with his River2Sea Biggie crank

Fishing cuts suits Bassmaster Elite pro, Bill Lowen’s “milk-run” style.

“I think so many guys miss the fact that wind creates current,” said Lowen. “You need enough wind to get the water moving. The current sets up the bait which go there to get out of the current; the fish go there to feed.”

Though not all anglers are blessed to fish Grosse Savanne Lodge in Lake Charles, Louisiana, it’s full of cuts and big bass that relate to them. On Clark’s Hill Lake or other lakes with highlands, the wind that blows between islands meets the exact definition.

Lowen targets visible cover like a clump of reeds, laydown, stump, or a tiny point. He’ll also concentrate on the drain or whatever that deep section might be.

“If there is a lot of wind current moving through there, those fish might position right in that little bit of a drain,” Lowen said.