Hank Cherry & The Stunna By Tyler Brinks, Page 3

Hank Cherry & The Stunna
By Tyler Brinks, Page 3


Fall 2021

page 66

translucent colors. The Stunna Shad is one of my favorite all-around colors.”


Two critical factors for Cherry are how well a jerkbait casts and the action that he can impart on the jerkbait. Those were two design fundamentals for him when working on the bait.

“First of all, I wanted to make sure you can cast the bait a long way whether you are a beginner or a pro,” he said. “We added a tungsten weight transfer system because the number one goal with a jerkbait is to get it away from the boat. That allows you to work it for longer and have a better chance at catching fish.”

Another key was getting the bait to have a unique action with a slow sink.

“The Stunna has a unique shimmy as it sinks,” he said.

“It wiggles almost like a

spybait when it sits still

and that helps to get more

bites. I have a lot of respect

for the guys at Megabass

and their Vision 110 and

this is not just a copy of that

bait; it has a unique action

unlike anything else in the


When asked about the

slow-sinking bait, Cherry

believes it is the best for

all weather conditions and

allows him to do more

things with it.

“A lot of people assume

that a floating or suspending

jerkbait is best, but even a

suspending jerkbait will sink

in cold water,” he said. “The

slow sink makes it look like

a dying fish and will trigger

more bites. Even when you

are not doing anything with

it, it is still moving a little,

which is good.”

Before it has even

been publicly released,

the new Berkley Stunna

jerkbait has already been

proven at the top level of

professional bass fishing,

helping Cherry secure back-

to-back Bassmaster Classic

champion status. •