Hank Cherry & The Stunna By Tyler Brinks, Page 2

Hank Cherry & The Stunna
By Tyler Brinks, Page 2


Fall 2021

Another thing Cherry likes to do with his jerkbaits is to make contact with an object, almost like a squarebill crankbait where a deflection is critical to triggering bites.

“The deep lip Stunna is great for banging into rocks, pilings, and anywhere you can create a deflection,” he added.


Cherry is known as a jerkbait guru and built a jerkbait that did precisely what he wanted. The Stunna is not just a carbon copy of popular baits on the market. Cherry took pieces of what he liked from all of his favorite jerkbaits and put them into one perfect package.

The Stunna is available in two different versions, shallow and deep. Both are in a 112 size and each weighs 1/2-ounce. The standard bait will run three to six-feet and the deeper version will hit depths of six to 10-feet deep.

Initially, the baits will be available in 14 colors hand- selected by Cherry.

“There is no need for hundreds of colors,” said Cherry. “The colors we have will cover all of the different regions and conditions.”

As a general rule, he likes translucent colors for sunny skies and something with more color for cloudy conditions.

“I also start to add brighter colors as the seasons progress,” he said. “Early in the year, I like the more

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