Bass In Flooded Cover By Coty Perry, Page 3

Bass In Flooded Cover
By Coty Perry, Page 3

Fall 2021




Rigging a Senko

worm Texas-style is

one of the simplest

ways to fish flooded

cover. This is where

“casting around the

weeds” really comes

into play though. With the frogs, you

Yamamoto Senko

could almost toss

them right in and work them slowly enough to get attention.

Worms require a bit more stealth, so you’ll want to work the

areas around the weed beds and lead the bass to you.



This is the one

type of lure that

isn’t always expected, but

Rapala Skitter Pop

I’ve had a lot of

luck with poppers and chuggers. Take a small Rapala Skitter

and toss it right near the dense cover. Work it erratically to

entice the bass. They’ll think they’ve found an injured baitfish

and will likely take the opportunity to get an easy meal.

EXTRA ATTRACTION: One thing that can make a big difference in your presentation is scent. Consider some Berkley Bass Attractant or Gulp! Alive Minnow Spray. Spray the lures and wait a little bit to let them dry. The oily nature of these sprays also helps the lures coast through the weeds without taking them all with it. Bass sight isn’t as great when the cover is heavy and the water is murky, so a strong scent could be the little detail that gets a strike.

Bright colors will work better

in dense cover,

especially when it’s

warm out. If you’re

fishing during the

dog days of summer,

you’ll want to go with

something in the neon

realm and maybe use a red marker on the tail to mimic an injured fish. It’ll not only help them see the bait better but they’ll be more enticed. •

Gulp Alive Attractant

Berkley PowerBait Bass Attractant

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