Bass In Flooded Cover By Coty Perry

Bass In Flooded Cover
By Coty Perry

in floode ® d cover



By Coty Perry

Fall 2021

page 56


argeting bass in heavy cover is one of the most

natural ways to do fish. Bass spend a lot of time

at the base of a fallen tree or nestled between two areas of high brush, sticking up out of the water.

The problem comes when you hit the lake and the

whole thing is covered with dense vegetation, weeds, and


I love fishing these types of ponds and I run into them

all the time. They’re a breeding ground for largemouth and

provide a great opportunity to sneak up on a huge fish that

no one else could get close enough to.

Don’t be afraid to push the limitations and go right in

there after them.


Back Off - The first mistake that anglers make is thinking they need to get right up in the cover to find the bass. On the contrary, at a pond with heavy weed edges and mats, don’t get too close because you’ll end up disturbing the fish’s cover and that’ll put an end to catching. At least for a while.

Instead of moving into the cover, size up the lure 1/4 of an ounce or add a weight to help reach the spot with the cast. This strategy will likely locate larger bass that have been hiding out in the cover and those larger bass should like a larger meal.

When fishing from the shore, the same rules apply. Don’ get close enough to cast a shadow. Stay light on your feet, and don’t stand right where the cast is going.

A cast into the cover can scare the fish away and ruin a spot. Instead of casting straight into dense cover, start by working the area around the cover. In a really flooded pond,