Behind the Scenes of Project T

What Really Happens at Daiwa R and D Sessions


Summer 2019


ew fishing industry products often take years of

research and development, marketing, design

before they come to market. It all starts with an idea and then the team does the rest, long before they ever

reach your local tackle shop.

Daiwa is one company who takes this process very

seriously. They enlist the help of their top professional

anglers to develop ideas and get the ball rolling on new


One way they do this is with Project T.

Bass Pro Tour angler Randy Howell and Daiwa’s

marketing manager Curt Arakawa gave us some insight on

what exactly Project T is.


One of Daiwa’s most famous lines of rods and reels is called the Tatula. Several rods and reels are bearing the Tatula, or the Tatula Elite name. A distinct Tatula (spider) logo clearly marks the brand.

“The “T” in Project T came from Tatula,” stated Howell. Daiwa first launched the Tatula reels five years ago.

“They immediately became a hit among recreational anglers and pros,” Howell added. “The reason they were successful is because they utilize Daiwa’s excellent engineering as well as the input and ideas from the top pros on tour. Daiwa’s Project T has become one of the most successful models a fishing reel company has ever used for product development.

“These (Project T) events consist of the Japanese and American engineering team along with the Daiwa pro staff. The engineering team is made up of hardcore Japanese anglers that love excellence, and they work hard to make sure the products are perfect.”

Arakawa explained the first Project T team (pictured) was established in 2013 and has grown and evolved throughout the years. A unique part of the Project G event was the video coverage that could be seen on the Project T YouTube channel.

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