Rate of Fall for Fall Bass

The Fall | Its Not Just a Time of Year by John Liechty

Fall 2019

line. With your rod tip held high and occasionally feeding line, you can watch a slight belly in the line to coach the bait down and visually detect bites.

Too much slack and the bites are undetectable. Many times, the belly in the line will jump and sometimes the bait will just stop sinking, long before the bottom. Either one it is time to engage your reel and set the hook.

A slight tension and the bait will pendulum swing toward the boat, which is also a great falling technique when pursuing suspended fish, but not as effective on vertical objects.



The first that comes to mind and most commonly used would be a wacky-rigged worm. The wacky-rig has a slow, shimmering fall and is often best utilized when fished from the surface down to the bottom.

Once it is on the bottom, a couple of shakes can be imparted to catch fish that followed it down. But after a few seconds, it’s time to pick up and cast again. Only focusing our efforts on triggering a strike as it descends.


Image by Robert Jones from Pixabay