Science of Fishing for Bass

Crappie Jig, Grass Jig, Buzz Cut, Football Head and More

Fall 2019



To increase the fall rate of a wacky-rigged worm, a small nail can be inserted into the head of the bait. This will not only make it sink faster, it will also give the worm a gliding and spiraling action that will drive them crazy.

Another great rigging method would be a darthead, which has a similar spiraling action and comes in a variety of weights that can be alternated until the right speed is determined.


A 1/2- to 3/4-ounce jig is probably my favorite bait to trigger more aggressive reaction strikes on a faster fall. Using a twin tail grub as a trailer will give the bait a constant swimming action as it plummets to the depths below.


This method is a little different than the free-falling method; but can be incorporated into the arsenal when seeking fish that are biting on the fall.

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