Fall Movement Thru the Water Column

Baitfish React To Conditions Too



using baitfish behavior to

Fall 2019


By Stanley Lafever


lthough the fall transition launches at different

times on different fisheries throughout the

nation, the signal that it is kicking off revolves around the weather temps and daylight hours.

An angler can spot the transition is rearing its head

as the heat of the dog days of summer are still prevalent;

but cooler nighttime temperatures become noticeable.

Once this combination of conditions occurs, a sudden

change in the bass can be expected. Literally in one day,

EVERYTHING can change.

One minute, you can be catching them on your whole arsenal of topwater, where they are just chewing on everything and then, the next minute, BOOM, they are gone. You can find you have been throwing everything and catching with everything, but the kitchen sink and suddenly NO LUCK!

Your head spins! The questions begin to mount!

Where did the fish go? Why did they leave?

What are they eating now?

And, how the heck do I get ‘em to bite?