Tips for Spinnerbait Fishing in Fall for Bass by Mark Fong

Fish for fall bass with spinnerbaits


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tarting in the late spring and continuing into

the fall, water temperatures are at their

warmest range of the year. Bass, like all fish,

are cold blooded creatures and it follows that when water temperatures are elevated, so are the metabolism levels of a bass. However, heightened metabolism is not a direct correlation to activity level – meaning that bass are not always active or aggres- sive during this time. Sometimes, you need to pick up the pace to coax neutral or inactive bass into striking.

Finesse techniques are a staple for clear water

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jigs, squarebill cranks and swimbaits, spinnerbaits have become lost in the shuffle and this is just fine by me.

There is something about a fast-moving spinnerbait that bass just can’t seem to resist. Burning a blade is all about invoking a reaction strike. It works best in clear water and begins to lose its effectiveness as water clarity deteriorates.

A few things to keep in mind.

anglers; but there are times, when even finesse can

First, you want the bass to see the bait, but you

fail to deliver, especially when looking for quality bites. don’t want them to get too good a look at it. I like

In situations like this, reaction baits are often the

to keep the bait running just under the surface, so

answer. While there are many baits styles to choose

that it bulges the water. Secondly, by keeping the

from, a spinnerbait ranks atop my list of options.

bait silhouetted against the surface, the fish see the

With all the recent notoriety given movement, but cannot identify the bait as something

to vibrating

that is unnatural.

A straight retrieve will get bit, but you can

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