Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2016, Page 37

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2016, Page 37

side of the menu. Touch this and your unit will take you to the screen with multiple panes open. Here, you will see a circle with arrows on it. Place your finger on it and drag it so that the size of each pane is the way you like it. Now, release the button and hit “Save” at the top of the menu on the right side. Your panes will stay this size until you go through the process again.

This will only change the size of the panes on this screen. If you want other screens changed, just hit the Power button again, hit Adjust Splits and drag the icon to the desired sizes and save your changes.


A common misconception about GPS and the cursor or black triangle that is on the Chart screen, which indicates your position on the face of the earth. Usually this is on a lake, somewhere.

When you have the Point One GPS puck antenna mounted on your boat, you have the advantage of a magnetic heading sensor inside that antenna. This heading sensor needs to be calibrated, so you will have the most accurate heading while looking at your direction of travel on the Chart screen.

Most guys don’t have any problem while moving at speed with the cursor pointing in the direction they

are going. The misunderstanding of reading the cursor comes into play when you aren’t moving at all.

Let’s say, for example, you are trying to fish offshore on a patch of weeds, underwater rock pile or submerged island. This fishing spot is one of your favorites, because of the size of the fish you have caught here in the past (which is why you placed a Waypoint on the spot last time out and you are excited to fish it today).

You pull up to the Waypoint and notice the wind is

blowing just a little. With the Chart

zoomed all the way in, (so you have

the best look at keeping the cursor

on the Waypoint) your plan is to catch

them like you did last time. You notice

your cursor is pointing towards the

back of the boat and you have your

bow pointing at the fishing spot.

Sometimes when this occurs

anglers think that their GPS antenna

is not working OR their unit is bad

OR the GPS is not accurate at all,

because the cursor is not keeping

them on the Waypoint (so that they

can fish the spot that produced so

well last time out).


What is really happening here

is a misunderstanding of just how accurate and sensitive the heading sensor is in the Point One GPS antenna.

In my example of you driving up to the Waypoint and starting to fish your spot, let’s assume that you are heading into the wind, so that you can control the boat better with the trolling motor.

Now as you fish your underwater hot spot, you look down and the cursor is pointing to the back of the boat again (and not pointing towards the bow of the boat to the Waypoint on the screen).

You get frustrated thinking that your GPS is messed up, but what is really happening is that when you were moving upwind to your Waypoint, made your cast and let off the trolling motor, the wind started pushing you backwards.