2020 PENN Catalog, Page 5

2020 PENN Catalog, Page 5



Sealed from splashes and spray, protecting

key internal parts.

Sealed from heavy seas and spray, protecting

key internal parts.

Line capacities on spool are marked at

1/3rd, 2/3rd and full capacity.


Switchblade harness lugs flip up with the

tip of your finger or drop flush with the

reel to eliminate snagged lines.

Extreme range, endless adjustment, and a large diameter drag knob so you can easily

crank down to max drag.

No backing needed because the rubber gasket

keeps superline from slipping

Both the spool and spindle may rotate independently from the drive train and frame thereby reducing friction during free spool and

eliminating binding during the retrieve.


Versa-Handle system allows the angler to choose how long the handle should be in less than a minute, tools are included with each reel.

The Adjustable Strike Stop gives the angler infinite drag adjustability to set their reel up

for maximum performance.

Versa-Drag™ system allows for multiple drag

settings for various fishing conditions

Eliminates rotor backplay for

instant hook sets

Techno-Balanced™ rotor gives smooth retrieves

Dura-Drag™ washers virtually eliminate hesitation,

even under extreme drag settings

The Live Liner ® system was built for fishing live bait. Simply pull the switch back and the front drag

disengages and runs off the rear drag.

Full Metal Body and sideplate keep

precise gear alignment under

heavy loads


Quick-Shift™ 2-Speed system easily

shifts into high or low gear

Sets the bait clicker to heavy, light or off positions

Braid Ready to handle the strain that

braided lines put on a reel

Provides 16 magnetic brake settings for controlled casting.

HT-100 TM drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads

The perfect oscillation for an

extremely even line lay

Push-To-Turn™ preset knob eliminates accidental changes to the drag setting

PENN’s new lug design makes it impossible for line to snag and break off,

increasing your chances

of landing a trophy.

The CNC Gear™ is machined from premium metals which provide a durable yet smooth gear train created by the precision of CNC technology.

Quick-Shift™2 2-Speed system easily

shifts into high or low gear

With only a screwdriver, any angler can access the gears to fully grease and maintain their reels.

Made in U.S.A of Domestic and

Imported Components


PENN ® Clutch Armor system is a specially designed combination of seals and components

to protect the clutch bearing from the harsh

saltwater environment.

Built with 30% carbon fiber, our Rigid Resin material

is the perfect combination of strength and weight.

Rigid like a metal, light as a carbon fiber.

Woven carbon fiber is applied as an outer shield to protect rod blanks and guide wraps.

Rubber shrink tube handles provide a

secure grip when wet or dry.

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Our Torque grips are uniquely shaped to prevent

the rod from rotating while under pressure.

A manufacturer of premium rod components.

Hollow Blank

A manufacturer of premium rod components.

Ton rating is the metric equivalent of a modulus rating. The higher the rating number the stiffer the carbon fibers. Stiffer fibers allow the use of less

material making a lighter, more sensitive rod.

Solid Tip

Tip section of the rod is solid and not hollow

to virtually eliminate breakage

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One-piece stainless steel Dura-Guides eliminate

insert pop-outs, while providing long-lasting

durability to protect your investment.

SLC2 construction utilizes inner spiral carbon wraps and outer layers

of longitudinal carbon fibers to provide an extremely

strong, yet balanced rod.

A manufacturer of premium rod components.

RCB2 construction consists of a rolled composite core and outer layers of longitudinal glass to provide a lightweight, thin, and parabolic blank

that flexes from grip to tip, distributing weight for extra durability.

Winn’s superior polymer grip technology puts control and comfort quite literally in the angler’s hand

and provides tacky sure-grip security even in cold and wet conditions! Winn pioneered polymer grip technology for the sports world, revolutionizing golf, tennis, and bicycling with grips that reduced fatigue, enhanced control, and

reduced injuries due to repetitive motion.

Adjustable EVA grip for fish fighting comfort

and rod holder blank protection.